Monday, June 23, 2008

Kobe gets Shaq Attacked!

The raw nerve of this guy.... Did anyone remind him & his bad knee that he transfered to the Suns, not the Celtics? I guess he has a lot on his mind... i.e. bills

Shaq will always be one of my favorite NBA rappers, although not great technically, he has better raps than most of the NBA "mc's?"

His rookie days were some of the greatest, in both his rap career terms, and ball terms...

and how could I forget this abomination of a video game!

Shaq Fu was possibly the worst of ALL the Street Fighter clones but we played it none the less.

Shaq... u da man!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

DJ Big Wiz Video SL Demo

Part one of 4 of the Semi-Official video of DJ Big Wiz demoing Serato Video SL.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Disruptiv Mix Tape Vol 5 is FREE AND OUT NOW!!!

Thats right... yesterday we had 2000 units arrive and we are in the process of distributing them right now. There are some on the way to Wellington, Christchurch, Palmy North, H-Town and I'll even try and get some sent over to my Cali connects.

In Auckland, Loaded, Harlem 23, Beat Merchants and DMC all have mixtapes.

If you prefer to download however, I will be posting a copy within the next few days.

I'm stoked to finally get this one out, it sounds really good and is a tribute to how far New Zealand hip hop artists have come in the last few years... big ups to all the artists who got on this and to the dudes that missed out, well, I'm sorry, next time?!