Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Game of the Year?

Okay so GTA4 looks pretty, the A.I. is stunning, in game music is fantastic, online game play is hours of fun, but I'm a little miffed that the solo game isn't longer. GTA 3 seemed to take an age to finish, but this new version, well, I'm 50% through after 2 weeks of alternating NBA08 and GTA4. Also lacking on the PS3 version is being able to have a custom track list of songs, although there are rumors that a future update might include some sort of patch for this.

I was stoked when I got a newsletter from EA games this afternoon to find out that 2 contenders for my game of the year are not too far from releasing...


This game looks nuts and has the potential to be played forever. I watched this video awhile ago and have been waiting patiently ever since. The initial release will be a creature creator in which players will create character content for the actual product. Hard out.

Battlefield: Bad Company

I've been messing about on BF2 for awhile and finding it fun. BFBC, however looks next level and I'll for sure try and get a copy when it comes out.

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