Monday, July 14, 2008

It's My Time Homie, Catch Up....

I've been listening to A-Traks new Nike + Running Man mix tape a whole lot over the last couple of days. It's pretty fluro sounding over all, but there are a couple of stand outs, this being one of them...

P.S. sorry for the slow posting at the moment... serious family issues are taking priority.. stay tuned.

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Timothy said...

ILL BLOG! I'm TC Nash and I manage a brand new hip-hop group named "VAMOOSE" and according to the PACE PRESS "For those tired of waiting years for Outkast's Andre and Big Boi to go half on a record, consider Vamoose your new favorite substitute"! We just finished shooting the video for our song "Step Out" and we just released the first installment of our "Do It Over" mixtape. It would be a great video and mixtape for you to post on your site and it would also be great if we could get some airplay support from you as well.

Check it out below.


Do It Over 1.0:



TC Nash
Manager, Vamoose