Monday, August 4, 2008

DMC's this weekend.... Aucklander's are spoiled!

How spoiled are we? Three international visitors in the space of two weeks. I'm hella looking forward to this event for a few reasons;

1. I'm not DJing for a change, means I can get crunkified with the homies.

2. Blu is a fucking stupendous MC, his releases to date have been nothing short of breath taking, especially Johnson & Jonson - Powders & Oils. This one is on heavy rotate in my Daxian.

3. We get to see who the best, most guttiest turntablist in the land is. I really have no idea who it would be at the moment, but I guess I'm gonna be making noise for my Auckland homies Turksta & D-Form.

See you's there then.

1 comment:

Joseph said...

Props my Brother.

I hope I get the top 8. Scratch 22 and Alphabethead are entering now. This is going to be one epic night!

Look forward to catching up homie! :)

- Joey Turksta.