Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disruptiv Mixtape Re-Up

To celebrate New Zealand Music Month and the upcoming release of Disruptiv Mixtape Volume 5, I've decided to 're-up' the one that kicked it all off... the legendary Volume 1, in crystal clear, 320kbps MP3 format!

I've had to split it in two to get it up on zShare so hopefully you guys can be bothered d/ling both... (it's worth it, trust me!)

Lots of cool things happening at the moment, is back online after some time being spent on a redesign, also in the pipeline right now is (big thanks to Adam Morris for helping a brother out in this time of need!).

Auckland's number 1 RnB night Honey will be returning to Globe Bar next month, and ya boys been confirmed on the line up. Gotta say I'm looking forward to ripping the club with a set of commercial RnB again. I'll post more info when it comes to hand.


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