Thursday, April 10, 2008

My top 10 NBA plays of 07-08 season...

So with the end of the NBA regular season coming up fast, I thought I'd share my top ten plays so far.


This is a nice way to announce your presence in the pro's.


I was at this game... Baron and Monta Ellis are amazing to watch play.


I was really disappointed when Dwight Howard's sticker dunk didn't win last years Dunk Contest... this made up for it though.


This game gave me some hope for next season.


Jamario Moon is 'sick, wicked and nasty' he's for sure one of the stories of the season.


I heard Glen 'Big Baby' Davis used to play college football... this is fan take down of the season.




I never thought Dirk's mug would make such a great poster.


With Yao Ming limping around shooting Master Card ad's, Dwight Howard is in my opinion the NBA's best center at the moment. If he shines in the play offs the Magic could make a Finals birth, don't bank on it though, the East is tough this year.


Kobe... best player in the league? I don't know, Le Bron vs Kobe is so hard to call, but Kobe takes out my play of the season so far with this dunk over D-12.

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